Cap Berkshire

Asset Development

C.A.Rs Program (Community Action Rides)  With a goal of car ownership, families will learn budgeting and attain financial literacy skills, increase their FICO credit score, and learn how to work with banks and lenders.  The C.A.Rs initiative will encourage participation with a "Pay it Forward" requirement.  By offering rides to other income eligble commuters, the transportation safety net will be strengthened and expanded.

CENTSABILITY:   Financial Literacy classes and case management sets a goal of decreasing the number of repeat customers seeking services and resources from the agency.  Workshops provide resources, tools, and support to individuals and families to assist them in gaining financial control of their lives. Information is delivered in separate sessions focusing on distinct topics. The number of classes required varies with each individual and their needs.  Topics such as budgeting, including completing a budget, obtaining and using credit, credit reports, credit scores, and credit repair are covered.

VITA:  Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offers free Fed & State tax return preparation for low income families in Berkshire County provided by trained volunteers.  The program increases the capacity for low-income families to file returns, and improves the accuracy of the returns. Its goal is to place much-needed EITC dollars into the hands of the poor.